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Noel Bensted

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" In my current work, I am returning to "Alla Prima" styles of painting which I find the most exhilarating and demanding, since this discipline delivers greater immediacy and fidelity to light conditions and character but requires a fast and spontaneous technique.  I have striven to return to my favourite locations of North Africa and Cuba, as fertile themes for narrative, exotic colour, and mystery, working from sketches on site and then recreating scenes back in the studio with live models, since I always prefer to paint from life."

Over the last nine years of exhibiting with Medici Gallery, Noel Bensted has continued to build on his reputation by making works which are both beguiling and intriguing with a hint of mystery and romance. His paintings sparkle with verve and vitality. By using carefully selected models, all with arresting qualities and a certain poise in their bearing, he reconstructs timeless moments observed in the bars and cafés of bustling cosmopolitan life. Noel creates these set pieces alongside his nudes, portraits and still life paintings, in which he demonstrates his command of composition, observation from life and expressive handling of his medium.


Selected Exhibitions:


  • Finalist B.P  Portrait Award,
  • Bohemia Galleries York.
  • Modern Artists Gallery.Berkshire
  • Balman Gallery, Corbridge , Northumberland


  • Solo Show, Medici Gallery
  • Balman Gallery


  • Oakham Gallery, London- The Figurative Show
  • Bohemia Gallery, York- Group Shows


  • Modern Artists Gallery, Berkshire
  • Medici Gallery, London


  • Medici Gallery, London


  • Medici Gallery, London


  • Bohemia Gallery, York
  • Medici Gallery, London


  • Medici Gallery, London
  • Di Rollo Gallery, Edinburgh


  • Betty Morton Gallery, London


  • Medici Gallery - Group Shows London


  • Art London, Maclean Fine Art, London
  • 'Fresh Paint' Ardean Gallery, London

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