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Victor Stuart Graham

"I was born next to the sea in Newhaven, Sussex.
I respect its power, its changing colours and moods, it inspires me immensely.
I am extremely fond of wood, my work is dictated by found materials.
I collect specially selected pieces of driftwood, that have an inherent boat shape trapped within their form; all I do then is release and enhance the boat.

Cliffscape with Blue Yaught

Cliffscape with Blue Yacht

mixed media shallow draw 26cm x 38 cm x 5cm


bon voyage blck

Bon Voyage' liner black
mixed media (cedar)


bon voyage red


Bon Voyage' liner red
mixed media (ash) 56 x 41 cm


cornish town

 Cornish Town
Mixed media 46.5 x 44 cm


harbour view

Harbour View (drawer)
mixed media 28 x 27 cm


cottage terrace

Cottage Terrace 2
mixed media 19 x 92 cm


Cliff Headland

Cliff Headland

mixed media 101cm x 47 cm



gaff rigged vessel

Gaff Rigged fishing vessel
mixed media (ash) 67 x 62 cm


blue dinghy

Blue dinghy
mixed media (poplar) 26 x 48 cm


green dinghy

Green dinghy
mixed media (poplar) 33 x 61 cm


sailing regatta

Sailing Regatta
mixed media 20 x 50 cm


low tide

Low Tide (framed)
mixed media 48.5 x 35 cm


sandy beach

Sandy Beach
mixed media 30.5 x 39 cm



pair of houses

Pair of Houses and boats
mixed media 25 cm H


black dinghy

Black Dinghy

mixed media 24 x 51 cm




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