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Christopher Marvell

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Boy and Bird

Boy and Bird

bronze edition III 183 x 48 x 34 cm (edition available, not cast)

Talking Philosophy

Talking Philosophy

bronze, edition V 102 cm high


bronze, edition V, 41 x 27 cm


moorland bird

Small Moorland Bird
bronze, edition V, 37 x 44 cm



bronze edition V 24 x 40cm

(1 edition available)

"Lying Girl"

bronze, edition V 55cm long

(1 edition available)

"Small Bird"

bronze edition V 37 x 44cm


"Corvus With Exuberant Plumage"

bronze edition V 56 x 60cm

sold out

"Small Penwith Bird"

bronze, edition V 35 x 38cm

(1 edition available)

"Flat Owl"

bronze, edition V 61 x 66cm

(Artist Proof available)

"Head & Hand"

bronze unique 33cm high


"Saint & Church"

bronze unique 47 x 40cm



bronze, edition V 155cm high


"St Ives Bird"

bronze, edition III 90cm high

with oak base 134cm high

(1 edition available)

Winged Lion

Winged Lion
edition V 38 x 56 cm


Watching Owl

Watching Owl
bronze edition V 64 x 91 cm


Small Sea Bird

Small Sea Bird

bronze edition V 35 x 27 cm

Watching Sea Bird

Watching Sea Bird
bronze edition V 63 x 66 cm

fisherman head

"Blue Fisherman's Head"

bronze edition III, 72cm high

sold out

womans head turning

"Woman's Head (Turning)"

bronze, edition III 61cm high

sold out

fancy bird

"Fancy Bird"

bronze edition V 63 x 74cm

sold out

flying owl

"Flying Owl"

bronze edition V 47 x 60cm

sold out

"Congregation At The Sea Church"

bronze unique 58cm high



"Fisherman & Catch"

bronze, edition III 40cm high

sold out


"Proud Bird"

bronze, edition V 37 x 34cm

sold out

"Baby Owl"

bronze, edition V 46 x 50cm

sold out


bronze, edition V 38cm high

sold out

"Woman (Torso)"

bronze, unique 63cm high


bird bath



edition V, bronze 41 x 48cm

sold out



Edition VII, bronze 50cm round x 43cm high

sold out

Leaping Hare

"Leaping Hare"

bronze edition of III 140cm long

Sold out



bronze edition of III 102cm high

sold out

Festival Of Britain Crowd

"Festival Of Britain Crowd"

bronze unique, 26cm high




Womans Head

"Woman's Head"

bronze edition of III 50cm high

sold out

Flying Sprat Catcher

"Flying Sprat Catcher"

oak and steel drawing 53 x 118cm









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