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Andrey Demin

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"I saw the first paintings before I could even walk and communicated with professional painters even before I learnt to talk. What else could I have become, if not an artist !" (Andrey Demin)

Born in 1962 into the family of the famous Russian artist, Leonid Demin, Andrey was sent as a ten-year-old to art school where, surrounded by more experienced artists, he concentrated mainly on still-life work. In 1996 he was discovered by Marina Sokolskaya who exhibited his works in Mayfair. Andrey’s travels across the U.K., Germany, Switzerland and Ireland have had a powerful influence on his painting, and he is particularly inspired by the beauty of the Irish landscape and Irish mythology. As befits an artist trained in the traditional Russian impressionist style, he seeks to fill his canvases with light and the Irish countryside with its misty light and constantly changing weather lends itself nicely to this style of painting. All is mystery and imagination and his open, airy style conveys an otherworldliness which calls to mind strange, mythical kingdoms. His works has a gentle serenity, nothing to jar the senses and his landscapes, particularly, have a wistful air of innocence and honesty. His floral pieces, too, are uncomplicated, exuberant and immediate. That these beautiful paintings are so straight-forward and easy to read is, no doubt, a major factor in Andrey’s international success.


Andrey Painting

Andrey Demin painting in Zuoz, Switzerland







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