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Richard W. Boardman

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Richard W. Boardman attended Colchester School of Art and Central School of Art, London. Through his Russian grandparents, he was exposed at an early age to the rich use of animal imagery in Russian folk tales and was captivated by the vibrant illustrations of Yuri Vasnetsov, which directly influenced his subsequent work.

Vasnetsov - Folk Tales

Russian Folk Tales Illustrated by Vasnetsov

In his own work he has continued the development of these motifs and symbolic use of animal images such as the bird, the fox and the Egyptian-inspired Sphinx, interpreting each form with his own highly developed sense of aesthetics and humour. Pencil, Pen and Ink preparatory drawings are key and the starting point for his investigations of form. From these drawings, the sculptures are built up in wax in a time-consuming process and only when the form meets with his exacting approval are they then cast in bronze, using the lost-wax method, by the Bronzarte Foundry, in Pietrasanta, Italy.


The Casting Of A Dachshund, Pietrasanta, Italy.

Some of Richard's inspirations such as the siren, a fox, an elephant, a gecko, the sphinx and other creatures are all inspired by personal experiences - a night at the theatre, a visit to the circus, a beach in Mauritius, a trip to Egypt. A meticulous standard of observation combined with a sense of fun gives life to daydreams and these creatures.

All sculptures are limited editions

Wild Boar Sketch

A preparatory pen & ink sketch for "Wild Boar I"

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